Domestic violence and harassment can manifest in different forms, including physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse. It is essential to take swift and positive action to prevent repeated occurrences. The impact of domestic violence extends beyond the parties involved, affecting family, friends, and children as well.

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It is possible to seek an injunction from the Court to prohibit a person from pestering, intimidating, or behaving violently in certain circumstances. Depending on the situation, an Occupation Order may also be obtained from the Court to remove someone from home or prohibit visitation. In urgent cases, the Court may issue injunctions on an emergency basis. Non-compliance with an injunction may result in imprisonment or other sanctions, depending on the severity of the non-compliance

Exposure to domestic violence can have a significant negative impact on the emotional wellbeing of children, particularly if they are also victims of domestic abuse. In order to safeguard children from domestic violence and abuse, it is crucial to take appropriate action.
It’s important to remember that if you have evidence of domestic abuse and cannot afford legal costs, you may be eligible for legal aid. For those who are not suitable, we have a team of specialist lawyers who are experienced in dealing with domestic abuse cases and provide cost-effective support.

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Read some of our amazing feedback

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